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刘伯斌(Bobin Liu)
刘伯斌(Bobin Liu)

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  Liu B,Yang Z,Gomez A,Liu B,Lin C ,Oka Y.(2016) Signaling mechanisms of plant cryptochromes in Arabidopsis thaliana J Plant Res 129(2):137-148.

  Bobin Liu, Jin Zhang, Lin Wang, Jianbo Li, Jun Chen, Mengzhu Lu.(2014) A survey of Populus PIN-FORMED family genes reveals their diversified expression patterns Journal of Experiment Botany 65:2437-2748.

  Bobin Liu, Lin Wang, Jin Zhang, Jianbo Li, Jun Chen, Mengzhu Lu.(2014) WUSCHEL-relatedHomeobox genes in Populus: diversified expression patterns and a functionalconservation in adventitious root formation BMC genomics 15:296.

  Zhang Jin , Li Jianbo, Liu Bobin, Zhang Li , Chen Jun, Lu Mengzhu.(2013) Genome - wide analysis of the Populus Hsp90 gene family reveals differential expression patterns, localization, and heat stress responses BMC genomics 14:1-14.