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郑华坤(Huakun Zheng)
郑华坤(Huakun Zheng)
  Zheng, H., Li, S., Zhang, J., Ichii, M.,Taketa, S., Tao, Y., Zuo, J., and Hua Wang.(2013)LATERAL ROOTLESS2, a Cyclophilin Protein, Regulates Lateral RootInitiation and Auxin Signaling Pathway in Rice Molecular Plant 6(5):1719-1721.
   Liu, H., Zheng, H., Wang, H., Guo, P., Zuo, J., and TaoY. (2011)Fine-mapping of SRT7 for shortroots and identification ofits candidate in rice Chinese Science Bulletin 56(31):3296-3300
   郑华坤,黄志伟,颜霜飞,郑金贵.(2009)茶树花色素还原酶基因的克隆与原核表达 福建农林大学学报 37(6):620-624.