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辛奇惠(Shin Kihye)
辛奇惠(Shin Kihye)
  Shin K., Lee S., Song W., Lee R., Lee I., Koo J., Park S., Nam H., Lee Y, Soh M.-S. (2015) Genetic identification of ACC-RESISTANT2 reveals involvement of LHT1 in the uptake of 1 -aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid in Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Cell physiol 56(3):572-582.
  Ayele, B.T., Magome H., Lee S., Shin K., Kamiya Y., Soh M., Yamaguchi S. (2014) GA-sensitive dwarf1-1D (gsd1-1D) Defines a New Mutation that Controls Endogenous GA Levels in Arabidopsis Journal  Plant Growth Regul 33(2):340-354.
  Lee, S., Shin, K., Lee, I., Song, H.-R., Noh, Y.-S., Lee, R.-A., Lee, S., Kim, S.-Y., Park, S.K., Lee, S.,and Soh, M.-S. (2013)  Genetic identification of a novel locus, ACCELERATED FLOWERING 1 thatcontrols chromatin modification associated with histone H3 lysine 27 trimethylation in Arabidopsis thaliana  Plant Science  208:20-27.
  Shin, K., Lee, R.-A., Lee, I., Lee, S., Park, S., and Soh, M.-S. (2013) Genetic identification of a second site modifier of ctr1 -1 that controls ethylene-responsive and gravitropic root growth in Arabidopsis thaliana Molecules and Cells 35: 1-10.